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Talk and Vigil next week

We have two events coming up next week to which all are invited:

  • 7pm, Tue 16 Oct, talk by Chris Cole, founder of Drone Wars UK: Drones – otherwise known as UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) – are a form of ‘robot warfare’. General Atomics, based here in the heart of London in Tower 42, manufacture them. They are already being used by the US and UK, in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia among other places. They enable our governments to fight wars – that is, kill people - without bothering our conscience, because we hardly notice. The talk will take places at Giuseppe Conlon Hall, 49 Mattison Road, London N4 1BG. Tel: 020 8 348 8212. Come and find out what you can do about drones!

  • 2pm, Wed 17 Oct, silent vigil at US Embassy: Bradley Manning is back in court on Wednesday 17 OCT for another motion hearing. A silent vigil will be held facing the US Embassy, there will then be a period of information exchange. Tube – Bond Street. 3pm, proceed in loose formation to the Ecuadorian embassy: We will walk carrying our banners to the Ecuadorian Embassy, which is just over a mile. Route: Park Lane, South Carriage Drive, Sloane Street, Hans Crescent. 4pm, Ecuadorian embassy, stand for Assange: Julian Assange has been in the Ecuadorian Embassy for over three months. Although he has been granted asylum he still faces extradition to Sweden. Sweden refuses to guarantee that Julian will not be forwarded on to the US. Tube – Knightsbridge. We have a number of placards and banners but please feel free to make/bring your own.

Some great pics of a recent LCW protest against drones can be found here. And check out are latest newsletter, out this week!

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