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Two forthcoming events

11am to 3.30pm, Sat 30 Jan 2016, Guiseppe Conlon House: Ash Wednesday preparation and reflection gathering We are meeting to explore the history of this annual witness against nuclear war preparations, talk about the actions that will take place and plan for Ash Wednesday 10 February 2016.  All welcome, bring lunch to share.

6:30pm to 8:30pm, Thurs 4 Feb 2016, Guiseppe Conlon House: Talk by Yuichi Kamoshita and Sarasa Aihara will speak as part of 'The Wind from Okinawa' Speaking Tour about non-violent resistance to US militarism in Okinawa.

All are welcome to join this free public event. Yuichi Kamoshita and Sarasa Aihara are core members of the protest group against the new U.S. military base in Henoko, Okinawa, Japan. Daily protests, which normally attract over 200 people, are currently taking place outside 'Camp Schwab' with activists sitting in the road, forcibly being removed by riot police and being arrested for trying to stop the construction of the new airbase, which plans to landfill 160 hectares of Oura Bay.

A breathtakingly beautiful bay is a critical feeding ground for the Dugong (a type of manatee), sea turtles and home to a unique Porites cylindric coral community, enriched by fresh water plankton which lead into the bay from jungle rivers.

There are currently 32 U.S. bases on Okinawa, with the island extensively being used as a training ground for some 26,000 Marines, the total population of Okinawa is 1.4 million. The 24 Osprey helicopters take-off and landings are an acute disruption for local residents with a long track record of accidents which are covered-up by the U.S military.

Come and hear these young committed peace activists from Okinawa who are very much influenced by their Buddhist faith, as well as the history which shaped the current generation of Japan.

Connected events and further info:

  • Thursday 4th February, 12-2pm: Vigil at new US Embassy, Nine Elms.

  • Friday 5th February, 10am-12.30pm: Vigil at Japanese Embassy, Piccadilly.

  • More info: 1 | 2.

  • Organised by VCNV in association with nipponzanmyohoji.

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