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Marking 12 years of the war on Afghanistan...

... and 12 years of Non-violent anti-war resistance of the LCW.

Giuseppe Conlon Hall Venue Oct 5th event (7 mins)Joe Black, Ciaron O'Reilly, Guy Smallman, Andy Worthington & anti-war/solidarityactivists at Giuseppe Conlon House, Sat August 5th.

On Sat 5th Oct, speakers, musicians, anti-war activists, former political prisoners& a British Army veteran were among those who marked the anniversary at a public event on Satnight Oct 5th.The event was addressed by author Andy Worthingtonauthor of "Guantanamo Files", photojournalist GuySmallman and anti-war activist/ former prisoner of the United States CiaronO'Reilly.Musicians Joe Black from Dublin & Tottenham's were joined by British Army veteran/Malaya campaign Walter and Claudia in song. Formalities were followed by a fine mealprepared by John Hamblet and a music session. More pics here.

Those attending included representation form the Guantanamo Campaign, Fitwatch,Manning & Assange solidarity networks, Harringay activivsts, Jesuits, Jean Vianney parishoners.

PFC Manning who has been sentenced to 35 years for exposing the war on Afghanistanand Julian Assange presently surrounded by London Metropolitan police were remembered throughout the evening.

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