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Visit from John Dear

The London Catholic Worker, in collaboration with Ekklesia, is very proud to be hosting a talk from internationally renowned preacher and activist, Fr. John Dear.

John Dear is an internationally known voice for peace and nonviolence. A long time activist, popular lecturer, and movement organizer, John is the author of 30 books and hundreds of articles, including “Living Peace,” “Jesus the Rebel,” and “The Nonviolent Life.” He was recently nominated

for the Nobel Peace Prize by Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

"Our task, in these dark times, is simple: to speak the truth, resist war and injustice, practice nonviolence, walk with the poor, love everyone, say our prayers, and uphold the vision of a new world without war, poverty or nuclear weapons. We are called to follow the nonviolent Jesus on the road to peace. If we can be faithful to the God of peace and the Way of nonviolence, we will be greatly blessed."

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