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Ash Wednesday actions at the MOD

Martin Newell sent out the following report of the day's events:

It went very well at the MoD today. About 100 people for the liturgy, younger age profile than I've seen before, a good spread across the ages from young 20's up. Scott Albrecht marked the Old War Office, was arrested, taken to Charing Cross police station and bailed to return in May - I think it was the 14th. They will decide whether to charge Scott under Section 128 of SOCPA, concerning military establishments, and for criminal damage. For the Socpa charge they have to ask the Attorney General.Ray Towey marked the pillars and the main entrance to the MoD in the morning, I made a mark at the back at the end of the liturgy. Neither myself nor Ray was arrested.

The photo was taken by Father Joe Ryan. A longer report is here on the Pax Christi website.

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