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Catholic Workers join protests in support of Manning and Assange

After over two years in prison awaiting trial for allegedly leaking information revealing US war crimes to the organisation WikiLeaks, PFC Bradley Manning was again in front of a US military judge for another pre-trial motion hearing on July 17th.

In solidarity with Manning, 25 people including a large contingent of Catholic Workers gathered in London's Grosvenor Square to face the US Embassy in silence. Afterwards information was exchanged on the current state of play in the Manning case, Julian Assanges position as it stands and possible future action which will be publicised once dates are set. We then walked from the US Embassy to the Ecuadorian Embassy where WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange has sought political asylum.

People stood for Assange for a couple of hours despite the poor weather. When people are subjected to persecution for resisting war it is our duty to support these people in any way we can. Offering support by our physical presence on the streets is a simple and effective act of solidarity.

A daily vigil has taken place outside the Ecuadorian Embassy since Assange sought refuge there almost a month ago. Please drop by if you are passing through London.

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