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Forthcoming events

We have a bunch of events to which all are welcome:

  1. Palm Sunday - March 24th - Faith and Resistance Reflection Day Email us, or telephone 020 8 348 8212, if you are interested in coming. Susan Clarkson (Oxford CW) will speak about her recent trip to Afghanistan and Ciaron O'Reilly will lead reflections on Palm Sunday scriptures, resistance to empire and solidarity.

  2. Stations of the Cross of Non-Violent Love around the 'Geography of Suffering' in central London. Thursday March 28th (Holy Thursday) Starting 12noon opposite Downing Street , will finish between 4pm and 5pm. Our prayer and witness will be based around using the stations of the cross written by Emanuel Charles McCarthy, and reflections on our context and location. For more information, read this.

  3. Easter Monday, April 1st: Some of us will be going to Aldermaston for a CND and Action AWE protest: We will be at Tadley Gate, which is the 'Faith Gate', from 12noon - 2pm. There are coaches going from London and elsewhere. For more info, read this.

  4. on April 27th, 'Ground the Drones' protest: some of us will be going to this Stop the War organised event at RAF Waddington near Lincoln, where British drones are being controlled from. There are coaches going from London. For more info go here.

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