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Guilty verdict for three Catholic Peace Activists

Twenty-five supporters joined Ray Towey, Henrietta Cullinan and Katrina Alton for a time of prayer outside Hammersmith Magistrates' Court today before a three-hour hearing which found them guilty of causing criminal damage.

The three offered clear and moving accounts of their peace actions at the Ministry of Defence during Holy Week 2012 when they marked the building with blessed charcoal using words such as Trident Crucifies the Poor and Disarm Trident. Reports from arresting officers were read out in court which affirmed that there actions had been totally nonviolent and that they had not resisted arrest in any way. While not disputing the fact of their action, they all argued that they had lawful excuse and moral convictions for what they did.

Ray, Henrietta and Katrina explained the relevance of the time and symbols used: Lent, a time for reflection and repentance at both personal and community levels and charcoal, a known symbol of that repentance that is used within the Christian faith community. The protection of life and people was at the heart of their actions and they all stated that these were more important than property or buildings. Their intention in marking the Ministry of Defence building was to engage the Ministry and those who work there in critical reflection on the UK's nuclear defence policy and the Trident programme in particular in order to change it and prevent nuclear weapons from ever being used. Judge Susan Williams acknowledged her understanding of this in her questioning of Ray Towey, and again in her summing up saying that these were profound means used to highlight the folly of humankind.

The three, who defended themselves, were given substantial time to present their own evidence and outline why they did what they did. The Judge said that she needed a good amount of time to reflect on what she had heard and the legal implications and adjourned the hearing for almost two hours. Before adjournment, Ray Towey made a short intervention inviting the Judge to discharge them and to stand outside the normal boundaries of the legal institution and set a precedent. On her return she gave a fulsome summary - showing that she had listened with great care to all that she had heard - but ultimately finding them guilty of criminal damage. They were each charged with paying £200 court costs. While the Ministry of Defence had put forward a claim for £400 cleaning costs the Judge refused to enforce this. The three were given an absolute discharge. All of them made it clear that they could not in conscience pay the court costs. Their action was supported by the London Catholic Worker, Catholic Peace Action and Pax Christi

  • Dr Ray Towey (68) missionary doctor who has spent most of the last 20 years in East Africa. Dr Towey has been involved with these actions for the past 30 years.

  • Henrietta Cullinan, (50) lives in Hackney, and is a member of the London Catholic Worker.

  • Katrina Alton (44) from west London.

In other news... Don't forget the visit of John Dear this coming Monday.

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