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Latest newsletter available

Our latest newsletter is out now. Have a read about Tolstoy's angle on nonviolence, recent reports from the Jungle camp in Calais where LCWers have been doing their best to provide support and solidarity in the midst of the camp's closure, as well as updates on all of our projects.

You may be particularly interested in two upcoming events to be held at Giuseppe Conlon House, 49 Mattison Road, London N4 1BG:

  • Thursday 5th January, 6.30pm. Life, workers and everything: Dave King of ‘Breaking the Frame’ describes Technocracy, connnecting the fight against GM babies and synthetic life with the struggles of the Luddites against ‘machinery hurtful to Commonality’

  • Thursday 2nd Febuary, 6.30pm. Nora Zeigler leads a workshop on the arms trade and preparations for stopping the upcoming DSEI arms fair in September 2017.

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