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Oh what a lovely war-resistance!

You are invited to a musical evening of historic opposition to war.

7pm, Monday 29 February.St Augustine’s Church, Mattison Rd, N4 1BG.(Take tube to Manor House or Turnpike Lane. Buses 29, 141, & 341 stop at Mattison Rd.)Donations at the door towards expenses.

Discover the stories of people courageous enough to resist the First World War’s recruitment campaigns and conscription. 100 years ago who opposed the war and why did they do it? What kind of politics, what kind of patriotism, what kinds of faith did they have? Clive Barrett, Chair of the Peace Museum, Bradford, gives an illustrated presentation on the conscientious objectors of the First World War, including some local Haringey stories, interspersed with examples of the music that inspired them. Come and sing along to songs of courage and conscience, with the help of a choir led by Sue Gilmurray. Here's the event poster.

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