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Public meeting for Ash Wednesday act of witness


On Sunday week, January 13th, 3-6pm, London Catholic Worker are hosting a public event for anyone interested in finding out more about, and preparing for, the annual 'Act of Witness' at the Ministry of Defence (MoD) in Whitehall, London on Ash Wednesday. All are welcome.

The Ash Wednesday 'Act of Witness' is a prayerful, liturgical call to personal and corporate repentance, where we mark a part of the 'head' of the national 'body' , which the MoD is, as it is part of the UK government. The call is to repent from British nuclear weapons, currently the Trident sumarine based missiles, and instead to work for a nuclear free world.

Martin Newell, of the London Catholic Worker, said:

'Marking the walls of the MoD with blessed charcoal is an integral part of the act of witness. Ash Wednesday is the beginning of Lent and the journey to Holy Week where we recall the events that led Jesus to arrest, sentence and execution. Those who mark the MoD walls are risking arrest and begining a journey that can lead to court and prison.'

Anyone interested in taking part in marking the walls, this year or in the future, should contact Martin Newell at the London Catholic Worker.

The Open Meeting will be at: Giuseppe Conlon House, 49 Mattison Road, London, N4 1BG.

The Ash Wednesday Act of Witness itself will start at 3pm in Embankment Gardens, near Embankment tube station, on February 13th. More details are here.

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