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Solidarity vigil, newsletter, facebook

This website has been a little quiet of late, so there are a number of things to report...

Solidarity vigil: A vigil has been maintained at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London since Wednesday 20 June in solidarity with Julian Assange who took refuge there on Tuesday and is seeking political and protective asylum in Ecuador. Members of the LCW have participated, and more detail can be found at the Veterans for Peace website.

Newsletter: Our summer newsletter is out now. There is news of our annual appeal, a report from Burma, a very moving interview with one of the residents of the LCW farm, and much more...

Facebook: Yes, they're a big nasty corporation with some serious privacy issues, but a lot of people use them, so we've got ourselves a presence. If you use facebook you can find us here and keep updated with what we're up to...

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