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Tomorrow: Free Bradley Manning vigil

5 pm Tuesday April 24th (tomorrow):

"Free Bradley Manning" Vigil

U.S. Embassy, London

Bradley Manning is facing 23 charges one carrying the death penalty, accused of exposing war crimes of the U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Bradley is being brought back to Ft. Meade Maryland on March 15 & 16 for a pre-court martial prosecution motions hearing. Bradley is in jail for us, we're on the streets for him. End the Wars! Free Bradley Manning! Drop the Charges!

Please RSVP if you can - helps us organise the event! (Email: ciaronx AT or Ph./ text 079 392 90576.) If you can't make it to London or Ft. Meade, consider standing publicly where ever you are in solidarity with Bradley Manning!

The March 16th. Vigil at London's U.S. Embassy organised by London Catholic Worker and Veterans for Peace UK. Closest tubes are Bond St., Marble Arch, Oxford St. Hyde Park Corner. A map to get to the embassy is here.

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